Adhartirth Ashram

Social Services

We promote various programs for the orphaned children to provide them with the basic necessity of food. By collecting funds from the strong sections of the society, we setup various camps for the underprivileged children for making a difference in their lives.


Educational Services:

We provide Educational Services to every child, who does not has any resources for growing their career. We promote various programs for as certaining basic education for children, scholarship programs for deserving students and various programs for higher education and vocational courses. “Education is the fundamental right to every child and it is the duty of the government to assure their childhood with the basic education till 14 years.”

Food For Orphan :

With the support of various organizations and trusts, we setup various camps for the underprivileged children for making a difference in their lives and provide them with the basic necessity of food. With the support of our workforce, we organize all the activity in a organized manner.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre:

Adhartirth Adharashram has a rehabilitation center for Drug Addicts where with the ongoing treatment the individual will be provided an opportunity to come into the main stream of life as fast as possible and become a productive & active member of society.

Save Girl Centre :

We at Adhartirth Adharashram has vision to safeguard Girl Child and create awareness, fostering well being and security of women and operates many Initiatives and schemes for Women and Child Welfare.

Tree Plantation :

Adhartirth Adharashram ‘s ambitious plan is to save the environment by planting trees, making India green and thereby reducing the effects of global warming. The Adhartirth Adharashram are conducting mass tree plantation drive every year .

Andhashraddha Nirmoolan :

Adhartirth Adharashram works to cultivate scientific attitude, scepticism, humanism and critical thinking among the people and To oppose harmful superstitions, which exploit people.

Goshala :

The goshalla maintains abandoned cows and orphaned calves which are picked up from the streets . They are provided with medical attention, food, clean water and lifetime accommodation.

Vidhva Ashram :

The wifes of Farmers who had committed suicide are give food , clothing & shelter in the vidhva ashram, they are given a chance to start their new life .

Wedding of Girls :

Adhartirth Adharashram also takes the responsibility of wedding expenses of the daughters of the farmers who has committed suicide.